4 Safari Website Improvements That Will Increase Your Bookings

I recently shared 4 simple strategies to get more safari bookings, and the first strategy was to invest in a well built website. But what does a well built website mean or look like?

Today I’m going to share with you 4 ways you can tweak your website (chances are you already have one) to ensure that you increase the number of bookings coming from it. These tips can work for hotel websites and also tours and travel websites.


Make it easy to navigate

Most tourists will come to your website to research first before they decide to book with you. Give them a good experience on your website by making it easy to discover information about your offering. Make your information on your homepage clear for the client to follow. Your navigation menu should contain links that guide the visitor to specific areas of your website. Most importantly, make sure your website is responsive for smooth access.


Use eye-caching images & videos

If you are going to grab the attention of your website visitors then use high resolution photos and videos on your website. And do not just use photos of animals but of real people having a good experience. Such images create an emotional connection, and emotions sell really well. Videos on the other hand are highly engaging and give your prospective clients an understanding of what you offer.


If you can sell emotions, you can sell anything


Put these photos on strategic sections of your website – on your homepage and gallery. You can also create an Instagram feed on your homepage.


Use clear call-to-action buttons

Call-to-action buttons prompt the visitor to take an action – to fill in an inquiry form or to make a booking. Incorporate clear “Book Now”, “Enquire Now” or “Call Us” buttons preferably visible on each page of your website.


Make it easy for visitors to communicate with you

The most important goal of having a website is not just so you can inform people about your business, but having people contact you to enquire or make actual bookings. It is therefore crucial that you make it so easy for your site visitors to reach you. Many websites have “Contact Us” pages that contain email address, telephone number(s), physical address and a contact form.


To enable real-time communication with visitors, incorporate a live chatting window on your website where your visitors can ask questions and get prompt answers.


If you need help with your website or simply want to increase your bookings, talk to us and we’ll be happy to help you out.

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