4 Simple Strategies to Get More Safari Bookings

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The goal and happiness of every safari agent is to see the number of bookings increase. Sure most companies rely on referrals, which is okay. But there’s a number of online strategies that you can implement to ensure you get even more bookings. It starts with having a website, but it does not end there. You probably have a website already, and chances are your website is not bringing much in terms of customer bookings. So here are 4 tips worth looking at:


1. Invest in a well built website

Invest in a well designed website, optimized for mobile devices as well as desktops, easy to navigate and easy to read, with booking buttons in the right location. The website should feature eye-catching photos, well-written descriptions, useful information and guest reviews all work together to create excitement about your safaris and build trust so they’re ready to book.


2. Get great reviews on TripAdvisor

Tours & Travel business is all about offering great safari experiences to your clients. Get listed on TripAdvisor and encourage your clients to leave great reviews. Reviews can help potential clients trust you, and book with you.


3. Drive Target Traffic to your website

Identify your ideal clients and focus your marketing on them. This will help you drive targeted traffic (interested people) to your website. Use social media, search engine optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and a blog to drive this traffic.


4. For quick results, leverage on the power of Pay-Per-Click

If you are looking for more quick results, run a PPC campaign and clearly target the audience you want, indicating the relevant keywords and your daily budget.

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